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When it comes to impressing at a college, university or job interview, how you look on paper is the first step to getting your foot in the door, submitted CVs and cover letters however are so last year! Record of achievement folders provide the ultimate application for any position or course, giving potential employers and tutors a detailed account of your professional life and achievements to date.

Whilst CVs should be ideally kept to one A4 side, record of achievement folders offer this and more, providing the references, skills information and personal accounts to back up your application. The Lion Presentation team offer a variety of solutions for those looking to amaze at that upcoming interview, but why should you choose us as your record of achievement folder manufacturer?

We put quality first

Presenting a high quality folder will certainly sort you from the wheat from the chaff, and whilst employers and tutors will be looking closely at its contents, with Lion Presentation’s products they won’t be able to miss its quality. Utilising our reputation and experience within the packaging industry, we create products worth shouting about so our customers can stand out from the crowd.

We provide bespoke design

Our in-house design team work one-on-one with every one of our customers to ensure they receive a finished product that they can be proud of. Our record of achievement folder service is no different and you can rest assured that we will create a beautiful folder that stays with you throughout your career.

In addition to providing bespoke design and standard products, we also provide a sampling service so you can get a taste of things to come and make further changes to make the product perfect for you.

We offer finish after finish

Here at Lion Presentation, we offer a number of colours and finishes so that you can create an achievement folder that is completely unique. Our folders are available in 25 colours, whilst our leather look PVC finish ensures your folder will stand the test of time and look great with every interview.

Our specialist team also use a range of advanced techniques to personalise your product further, and our Gateshead headquarters is home to the latest and greatest print technology. The inside of the folder can also be customised to suit your requirements, for example, name card holders, CD pockets and corner pockets can be incorporated to make the design work for you.

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