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Whilst PR and marketing are essential parts of everyday life for large, multi-national corporations, not every business has the budget to fund campaigns as effectively as they would like to. For small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, regardless of their niche, staying on budget whilst promoting the products or services that are at the heart of the business is vital.

Here we reveal the reasons why every small business should free up funds to promote their brand a little further afield as well as communicate the marketing techniques that ensure you can have the best of both worlds.

Reasons to promote your company

Whilst it is all well and good saying that you should magic up the funds to invest in promotion, understanding the reasons why is essential.

Whatever your specific core demographic, it is important to understand that in today’s society where everyone is constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing campaigns, customers do forget. In fact, in the advertising game, it is only the memorable brands (often large corporations that can afford to stay in the public eye) that stand the test of time. Name and wider brand recognition is after all vital to the survival of businesses of all sizes and without promotion how can you achieve this?

In addition to this, the role of the customer has become much more complex and with household budgets on a tight leash, customers are savvier about where their money is going. Modern day customers take their time when buying, and as well as opting for brands that provide the best value for money, they are also selecting products and services from companies that are familiar to them.

Taking the cost effective approach to promotion

There are a number of low-cost ways to promote your business, however, without the right experience and expertise many of these remain unused by the small businesses that need them. Whether you want to promote your company online, offline or both, the use of affordable promotional ideas is important to getting your products or services out there whilst staying bang on budget.

Promotional products are an excellent way to promote your business a little further afield, and even bespoke products can be commissioned and distributed affordably. Tax disc holders and oyster card wallets in particular are useful promotional products that can be given a bespoke touch to generate mass appeal, whatever your market.

Discover more about the bespoke promotional products that could unlock affordable marketing options for your business by contacting us today on 0191 415 0526.

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